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Niggling Torchwood Questions

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Aug. 11th, 2011 | 09:35 pm
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posted by: tiamary in deadweird

Here's the stuff I've been unable to find any answers to, either in past fan conversations or in the press.

1.  What does "Catholic but grateful" mean?   Is that another way of saying she'd insist on the missionary position with the lights out?  Is that a saying in England?  (I'm a barbarian Yank ;) .)

2.  Why did Tosh and Owen have so few scenes together in the last five episodes of S2?  Was this due to scheduling?  They knew they were leaving so they were off doing other projects and it was kind of hard to work around them?  Did the writing staff sour on the relationship and back off it?  Or something else?

3.  This isn't Tosh/Owen related, but why has it been said that they all had selfish motives to open the rift at the end of the first season?  It's arguable that Gwen and Owen did, although they had the added incentive of seeing the world going to hell and knowing that diseases were spreading, but Tosh and Ianto had been told they needed to open the rift to avert disaster. 

Thanks for any insights you might have.  And thanks for the hits on my vids coming from this site!!

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from: welsh_scotsman
date: Aug. 12th, 2011 09:09 pm (UTC)

1. catholic but grateful probably means that tosh would expect the traditional way of having sex. that saying isn't used over here but i know catholic can be used to mean traditional :p it probably also reflects owen's opinion that tosh doesn't have many sexual partners hence why she'd be grateful.

3. it's probably down to individual opinion and interpretation of the characters so i wouldn't say it's a set reason for any of the characters ;)

2. no idea. maybe due to the type of story. 9 was all about gwen, although it did have some lovely tosh/owen moments in, 10 was more around ianto, 11 was more around gwen again, 12 needed the team separate to explain thei backstories and technically speaking, 13 had the final scene with tosh and owen over the comms. so maybe it was to make it more poignant when they did die as they had spent so long apart whereas if each ep had them all over each other or always talking to each other, it wouldn't seem so bad maybe?

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from: tiamary
date: Aug. 13th, 2011 01:58 am (UTC)

Thanks for your response! Interesting that the CBG saying isn't that well known.

I tend to think you're right about the last several episodes, but the one thing that still sticks out for me is the odd way the wedding dance scene was handled. Having body doubles of them standing in a doorway chatting was just so weird.

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