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My Alt Universe S4 Animation Series, "The Return of Owen"

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Jul. 31st, 2011 | 11:43 am
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posted by: tiamary in deadweird

I have prepare an 18 part animation series (each part averaging about 2 minutes long), a sort of "Crackfic" for youtube.  (I write comedy on the side so of course I went the crackfic route.) It's Owen-centric; I call him Re-resurrected Owen. His love interest is, of course, Tosh; the animation program I used has no Asian avatars so I had to choose from a bad lot for Tosh.  There was a blonde avatar with little pink rimmed glasses and a sexy yet refined hair style and to me she was the best fit.  So I created the character, The Blonde Ghost of Tosh (BGO  Tosh for short).  I have become so fond of her I just might do another series featuring her as a kind of super-hero.  Ianto also appears in two episodes as Pleasant Zombie Ianto. Jack and Gwen also show up, as does the Lord of the Underworld and Esther from Bleak House.

The avatar I used for Owen looks a little like him and wears what looks like  a white doctor's coat; unfortunately he wears a bow tie and speaks perfect Oxford English, but I had some fun with that and came up with a compelling story-based reason for it.

Here's the link to the playlist, hope you like it:


The first few are slightly out of order; the order in which they're intended to be watched is indicated by the letter preceding the title (a, b, c, etc).

If this link doesn't work, here is the link to Episode "e", the first T/O episode and the one that establishes the "story arc".  (I didn't even know there was going to BE a story arc when I did the first four.) :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg1PQA2MzO8

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